WB - Warrior Brethren Alliance is Recruiting

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WB - Warrior Brethren Alliance is Recruiting

Post  bogger on Fri Sep 05, 2008 12:25 pm

Tell us all about your self.

Player Name:
"put the nickname that you use in game"

"put the ranking that you are in the moment of the request"
Villages Description:
"put the name, coordinates, population, ranking of each village"

Playing Game Style:
"you are an aggressive player?? a defensive player?? will you cooperate with the Alliance??.. let us know a bit how you play"

Current Alliance:
"in case you are already in Alliance, let us know which one"

Reasons to leave the Current Alliance:
"simple... which are the reasons to leave?"

What you will bring to us:
us know the good things that you will bring to our alliance... active
in game, active in forums.. new ideas, suggestions, ready to fight??"

Extra Info:
give all kind of extra info that you want, just to benefit your candidature"

Application is now Under Discussion
Pls allow 3 days for decision, thx.
(Pls excuse the delay)


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